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NEU-RSC offers a wide range of Russian Studies that will ultimately enhance your knowledge about Russia, its culture and its people, with several specialized program that will suit your Russian interest!  Enroll now!

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Short Courses Offered

Basic Russian Studies

Basic Russian Studies is a three-month program consisting of 8 Tracks spread into 30-36 hours. There is a diverse lineup of topics from geography to basic language, literature, and economy, which will give the participants a wide knowledge of Russia from an objective viewpoint and information. Each topic will be facilitated and discussed by professionals from both the NEU and partner universities in Russia. It is our initial program and a pre-requisite in taking other program modules.

  • Russian Geography and Historical Timeline                                                        
  • Reading and Writing the Cyrillic Alphabet  
  • Russian Greetings and Basic Phrases in Every Occasion  
  • Russian Arts and Culture  
  • Important Places in Russia 
  • Russian Economy and Technologies (Webinar)           
  • The Modern Day Russia (Webinar)                   
  • Understanding the Russian People (Lecture)
Russian Studies for Scholarship Applicants and Exchange Students

This module is intended for students and graduates who want to pursue their studies in Russia through scholarships, students exchange program, or sponsorhip. Russian Studies for Scholarship Applicants and Exchange Students will have more emphasis on Academic opportunities in Russia, Examination Review, Academic terminologies in Russian, Virtual university tours, Cost of living and How to survive in Russia. This program will be executed through webinars and lectures.


The School of International Relations – Russian Studies Center is now accepting applicants for the Basic Russian Studies Program. The program will start on (to be announced on March 2022)  

Enrollment Process

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Step 2: Upon receipt of the information, RSC will email registrants with the payment instructions.

Step 3: Upon receipt of proof of payment, applicant will be officially registered to the Basic Russian Studies program.

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We also offer an intensive Russian Language Course

1. To help students build crucial basic vocabulary (1000+ words)  without struggling; 

2. To help them understand the Russian grammar's logic; 

3. To show the students easy ways to learn the Russian grammar,  drastically expanding their vocabulary, and help them get  rid of the idea that this language is extremely difficult; 

4. To share with students the content and tools, which are  important/useful in practicing Russian language depending on the  reason why they learn it.

   for further inquiries, please send your email to

REGISTER here for the Intensive Russian Language Course fee: P5,000.00

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