NEU-SoIR launches Russian Studies Center

The New Era University School of International Relations has officially launched its Russian Studies Center on June 4, 2021, via Google Meet. The Russian Studies Center (RSC) aims to foster a better understanding of Russia from its geography and history to language and culture, science and technology and international


NEU-SOIR-Russian Studies Center Webinar

It has always been the goal of the New Era University-School of International Relations to produce graduates who are well-versed in Philippine foreign relations issues in order to promote the interests of the Philippines towards other countries. With this in mind, NEU-SoIR continues to line-up webinars that it thinks would help students and the public in general to have a better grasp of what are happening around the world and how these things and events could possibly affect our foreign relations and our people. With this obejective, we conducrted a webinar where H.E. Amb. Carlos Sorreta discussed the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and its implications for the Philippines. To date, Ukraine is host to more than 300 OFWs, which is now the main concern of Philippine government as the tension between Russia and Ukraine continues to escalate. As of yesterday, Ukrainian authorities already declared a nationwide state of emergency as Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized a military operation in the eastern part of the country.