Russian Studies Center


The Russian Studies Center (RSC) is the newest Learning Center under the School of International Relations of New Era University (Philippines)  - a world-class Institution of learning with a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity.

Our Goal

To foster understanding of Russian geography and history, language and culture, science and technology, and international relations through lectures, visualization, interactive and participative learning, and an interdisciplinary approach to teaching. 

Why Study Russia

   Russia, being a global power, is an important player in today’s world. In a multilateral society, there will be an increasing need for expertise in Russian culture, politics, and society in a variety of fields, both in national and international arenas. Experts on Russia will be in high demand in areas ranging from civil service to business, from academia to social and cultural lines of work.

Career Opportunities

    Your future job can be linked to any of the following: 

1. Diplomatic or other government service; 
2. International businesses active in Russia; 
3. Consulting and audit companies; 
4. International organizations of the UN family; 
5. NGOs and non-profit organizations; 
6. Travel agencies, interpretation and translation services; 
7. Mass media and communication companies; and
8. Academia, research agencies, universities, teaching and scholastic careers.

Why choose ‘Russian Studies’ at NEU-RSC?

 The Russian Studies at New Era University is a certificate program, which will help you think ​objectively and globally. We focus on Russia as a vital actor in globally-shared challenges. Among others, the RSC program will: 

1. Provide you with an objective understanding about Russia as well as a background in international relations and other related disciplines; 
2. Prepare you for real-life work with and in Russia through its interdisciplinary curriculum; 
3. Help facilitate cooperation with many of the leading Russian studies researchers; and 
4. Provide comparative approach to research, which combines materials on Russian culture and society.    

Find out more about the program structure, content and courses from the link below.  

Our Teachers

We have professional instructors and facilitators who will assist the participants or students in learning the scheduled tracks. Traditional instruction typically requires testing to ascertain whether students have correctly assimilated the ​information transmitted to them. Facilitation deals with situations in which there is usually no one right answer; in these situations the facilitator is concerned with helping the group perform its own evaluations and reach its own conclusions.

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